About Us

Our team

The Mubadala Petroleum team is incredibly diverse, with employees drawn from over 30 different countries with a wide variety experience in national, independent and international oil and gas companies.

Our business and operations are driven by a core of E&P industry recognized leaders and professionals whose reputation is built on their expertise and achievements in the global E&P sector. For them, Mubadala Petroleum is a place where they can apply their skills and innovative spirit to pursue new challenges and approaches, and provide leadership to the next generation of industry leaders. 

A critical success factor for our business is the development of the National workforce in all our locations. We have a cadre of talented Emiratis who have grown professionally in the oil and gas industry of Abu Dhabi, are now able to expand their horizons and take their skills to a new level on the international stage. A number of them have now grown into leadership roles, not just in the UAE but also increasingly in our overseas operations.

In each location where we operate, from Abu Dhabi to Southeast Asia, we are developing and mentoring promising early-career professionals, giving them responsibility and an opportunity to contribute and influence outcomes immediately. 

The executive leadership team of Mubadala Petroleum possesses extensive international experience across a wide range of technical and commercial areas, guiding the business to sustainable growth and providing superior returns for our stakeholders.