Mubadala Petroleum is committed to playing a responsible role and contributing to the long-term, sustainable development of the communities where we operate.

Our well-established community investment programs and projects focus on education and training, community development, environmental improvements and employee engagement. They are based on community needs with active stakeholder engagement to create real value and lead to actual improvements in peoples’ lives while bringing long-term benefits to society.

Our initiatives are also inspired by the values of the UAE Founding Father, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, who believed in the Human Development, Sustainability and Respecting all mankind.

Approach: To deliver effectively against our commitments, we take an organized, consistent approach based on good industry practices, integrity and transparency. In fulfilling these commitments, we communicate openly to ensure that local stakeholders understand the nature of our operations and have an opportunity to raise concerns and have them appropriately addressed.

We work in partnership with local stakeholders, including local authorities, community groups and/ or NGOs, to understand the needs of local communities and to implement the relevant community investment projects and programs.

Awards: In 2018, we received the prestigious ADIPEC Award for Social Contribution, for our innovative school and community program in Thailand.